What is REACHnet?

REACHnet is a partnership of health systems, academic centers, public health organizations, and the patient community that constitutes an innovative data network for conducting  patient-centered research.

Our mission is to enable the conduct of multi-site research with enhanced efficiency in real-world healthcare delivery systems.

REACHnet has multiple partner health systems:

  • Ochsner Health
  • Tulane Medical Center
  • University Medical Center New Orleans
  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • DHR Health Institute for Research & Development
  • University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health

REACHnet’s academic partners are:

  • Tulane University Schools of Medicine & Public Health
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSU HSC)
  • Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • UCSF Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute

Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) is the REACHnet Coordinating Center, and our patient community is the Health in Our Hands network.

REACHnet is one of nine Clinical Research Networks (CRNs) nationwide that constitute PCORnet®—The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network.

REACHnet contains electronic health record data for more than 8 million patients standardized to a common data model to support pragmatic clinical research conducted under real-life practice conditions. Because a diverse patient population is served by our partner health systems, we are able to support studies that seek a highly representative sample of participants.

What services does REACHnet offer?

Researchers from within and outside the network may request our services to conduct collaborative research through REACHnet.

Prep-to-research queries: Find out how many patients meet your study’s inclusion criteria

Clinical datasets for observational research: Obtain standardized data from multiple health systems for observational studies, and collaborate with co-investigators from REACHnet partner health systems

Clinical sites for prospective interventional trials: Partner with sites at REACHnet’s member health systems for clinical trials

Regulatory: REACHnet offers a streamlined and centralized regulatory process for conducting research with multiple health systems

Data linkage: REACHnet has partnerships with Louisiana Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Humana, Medicare, and Office of Vital Records to link data for research. Geocoding for linkage with socio-demographic and environmental data is available by census tract.

Direct-to-patient messaging: Reach out to patients in REACHnet’s Health in Our Hands community about the opportunity to participate in your study; disseminate research findings to the patient community; and/or solicit patient perspectives to inform your research questions, study design, or recruitment approaches

Patient & stakeholder engagement: Engage with multi-stakeholder groups—including patients, caregivers, and providers—to inform your study at every stage of the research process

Clinic staff training: LPHI developed tools for effective engagement of clinic staff in implementation of clinic-based research, which often relies on their interactions with patients who are current or potential research participants.



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