What is Eco?

Use our innovative research solutions and network infrastructure to enhance your research efforts.

ECO, an online portal for organized collaboration and research

Eco is a user-friendly platform that allows researchers to organize all communication with REACHnet staff in one unique project space. Through Eco, users are able to request collaboration with REACHnet by submitting the appropriate Service Form(s). Once a given partnership is established, researchers and REACHnet staff will continue to use the same project space to communicate,co-develop, and organize relevant study or project materials in one accessible location.

Please follow the steps outlined below to create an Eco account and submit Service Request Forms. More information about creating an Eco account can be found in the tutorial video.
1.       Upon your first arrival to Eco, you will be asked to create a login and a brief profile. This information will be stored to streamline future communication and form submission.
2.       To submit your request form, click the “Create Project Space” tab in the upper left area of the portal. Describe your project space by adding a project title and summary.
3.       Once your project space has been created, upload the appropriate form(s) by attaching the document(s) to the project space.
4.       REACHnet will be notified of your submission and contact you if any necessary forms are incomplete or missing. You will be notified once your submission becomes “under review”.
5.       The REACHnet Coordinating Center, along with patient and clinician stakeholders (if applicable), will review your request. If you request collaboration on a prospective or retrospective project/study, your form will be scored using the appropriate rubric. Requests for prep-to-research queries and engagement consultation/services will be reviewed for feasibility.
Please direct all questions about Eco to the REACHnet Coordinating Center to info@reachnet.org.


Become a part of the REACHnet Ecosystem by joining Eco here or watch the brief tutorial above.


I'm interested in collaboration, but how do I begin?
Researchers and other professionals who are interested in utilizing REACHnet’s services are invited to submit one or multiple of REACHnet’s Service Request Forms. We encourage you to learn more about our resources and services on our website before choosing which form you should complete. Learning more about our services and then completing the appropriate Service Request Form(s) is the very first step of this process.

All completed forms should be submitted (i.e. uploaded) to our online submission portal, Eco. REACHnet Coordinating Center staff will use one of our published rubrics to review your request. Communication about this decision will also occur through Eco. Eco users can track the progress of this review by looking for updates to the status of their Eco project space.

If collaboration is deemed possible, applicants will be notified through Eco and invited to discuss service requests further with REACHnet Coordinating Center staff by phone or in-person. All forms that are submitted to Eco will be reviewed as soon as possible and responses will be posted to Eco no more than two weeks after form submission.

When should I submit my Service Request Forms?
Because collaboration with REACHnet is unique for every project, the timeline for submitting Service Request Form(s) varies based on the scope and type of request. If you are interested in conducting REACHnet-supported research and already have a funding opportunity identified, we advise you to begin the service request process at least 3 months prior to when your proposal is due. We encourage all individuals to contact the REACHnet Coordinating Center with any questions about the Service Request Forms. We are here to help you and guide you through this process.


Service Request Forms
Please review our Research Participation Policy before completing any of these forms. Your submission and REACHnet’s review of service request forms is free-of-charge. Please visit our forms page for more information that will help you determine the right form for your collaboration with REACHnet.