Patient & Stakeholder Engagement

An ecosystem of patients, clinicians, and researchers improving health together.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement is a critical component of REACHnet’s mission and supported research.  Funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), REACHnet aims to involve patients in every step of the research process. Over the past decade, the importance of engaging patients and community members in the research process has become increasingly clear. Engagement of such stakeholders during the research process has the potential to yield improvements in study development and implementation – all the way from creating research questions and recruitment flyers to interpreting and disseminating study results appropriately.

Fortunately, many organizations that fund research have caught onto the importance of patient centered research, and incorporating engagement plans for your study into research proposals greatly strengthens proposal merit. To help meet the engagement requirements of your projects, REACHnet can connect you with the right group of non-traditional stakeholders from our active network of patients, caregivers, community members, and clinicians.

Our multi-stakeholder advisory groups convene to generate and prioritize patient centered research topics. The Diabetes and Weight Management Advisory Groups have finalized their list using a standardized process. Check out their lists below.

Diabetes Priority Areas           Weight Management Priority Areas

Patient & Stakeholder Engagement