Our Network

A quick snapshot of our network's reach.

Our Network

The second phase of the ReachNET initiative began in September 2015 with an additional $6.9 M from PCORI for the next three years, this collaborative partnership will continue to increase the capacity to conduct robust comparative effectiveness research by building a health information technology infrastructure that provides access to comprehensive clinical data for more than one million patients in Louisiana and Texas.

Over 3 million unique patient records

We have partnered with a multitude of Health Systems across Louisiana and Texas to facilitate the secure connection of standardized patient data of over 3 million individuals. This data can be used to conduct robust comparative effectiveness research within our network and connect to other clinical data networks to conduct studies across the nation.

1.7 million active patients*

Many patients in our network are actively accessing care. Over 1.7 million patients have received care at least twice over the past 24 months. This is an important element of the data completeness of our network.

82 active patient advisors

Patient engagement is a central value that our network was built on. We currently have over 82 patients actively advising on various aspects of our network. This is a resource that researchers applying to use our network can use to inform their proposal and ongoing projects.

225 standardized data fields in the CDM

Our “Common Data Model’ (CDM) contains 225 elements, derived from the electronic medical records, and standardized to make comparative effectiveness, and other data driven research, quicker and easier to implement. The CDM will continue to expand to accommodate more complex research questions. We are currently on version 3 of the CDM.

258 tablets in exam rooms at 20 participating clinics

Our network innovation includes a platform to easily reach patients for pragmatic research projects. We have installed tablets in exam rooms that connect patients to customized information on projects supported by their provider.  In the first 6 months we placed over 250 tablets in exam rooms at 20 participating clinics. We are expanding exponentially as more clinics participate in network supported trials.

2500 patients into the HiOH patient network

In addition to connecting with patients in clinic, we have also enrolled patients in a network designed to connect patients directly to research studies, as well as bring additional benefit to the patients. Through the Health in Our Hands (HiOH) Patient Network, patients can also receive research results, answer surveys and questions designed to inform future projects, and be connected to patient centered resources. During the first 6 months, over 2500 patients were recruited to participate in the HiOH Patient Network.