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Patient Stakeholder FAQ

Why is your voice important?

REACHnet recognizes that individuals are the experts on their own health and by giving them the opportunity to share what health issues are important to them, it will ensure that research is focused on what matters to patients.

REACHnet brings together patient stakeholders with doctors and researchers to improve healthcare. Contributing your perspective to research projects as a patient stakeholder will help researchers and healthcare providers develop-cutting edge technologies to advance healthcare delivery. Your perspective can inspire future research topics, as well as influence current research project

What do Patient Stakeholders do?

Patient stakeholders contribute in many ways, whether it is through advising various projects through the Community Health Advisory Board, advising on specific research projects through becoming a certified Patient Adviser, or becoming a member of the Health in Our Hands Network, a community that uses the knowledge, expertise, and opinions of people to influence improvements and innovations in healthcare. 

How do I become involved?
  • Click here to join the Health in Our Hands Network e-mail list to receive research updates, surveys, and opportunities to get involved in research projects. 
  • Contact info@hioh.org for information on the patient orientation, which will give you the opportunity to become trained in patient engagement principles to become a certified REACHnet Patient Adviser.
  • To learn more about how patients are involved on REACHnet, you can hear stories from our patient partners by clicking here.

Researcher FAQ

What is the approval process after submitting my request for services form through ECO?

A REACHnet team member will review your request and get back to you within 5 business days with any clarifying questions.

Query requests will be fulfilled in 3-4 weeks by a REACHnet analyst, depending on complexity, time sensitivity, and required data elements.

Dataset requests need to be reviewed internally for regulatory and data feasibility purposes. All flat files cut by REACHnet analysts require IRB approval and a data use and sharing agreement (DSUA) to be released to the investigator.

Prospective research requests are routed to our research director, who will follow up with you directly within 5 business days to set up a discussion about how REACHnet can help with your project’s needs.

Engagement services requests are routed to our engagement director, who will follow up with you directly within 5 business days to set up a discussion about how REACHnet can help with your project’s stakeholder engagement needs.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the submission process?

You can contact research coordinators, Liz Crull (ecrull@lphi.org), or Lindsey Rudov (lrudov@lphi.org) with any questions about your ECO submission.